GASG certificate

The Generic Adventure Site Guide (GASG) skills programme is the only route in South Africa to becoming a legally qualified adevnture guide of any kind, from abseiling to ziplining, including hiking, river rafting, and dozens of other specialities. The GASG is the sole programme recognised by CATHSSETA, the statutory body that regulates tourism and hospitality services.

Adventure Standards Africa is your service provider for training, recognition of prior learning (RPL), and assessments to become qualified. We are affiliated to the Adventure Qualifications Network (AQN) which is accredited as our Training Provider by CATHSSETA. Your certificates obtained through us are thus legally valid. No certificate other than GASG is accepted as proof of adventure guiding status.

Why qualify?

Inform yourself by reading the ADVENTURE CAREER prospectus here. There is no way to avoid GASG if you intend to be a legal adventure guide: it’s the law! If you work illegally as a guide both you and your employer can be fined or imprisoned.

Quite apart from that, insurers will not cover an unlicensed guide when an accident occurs. And your duty of care as a tourist guide means you should know the state-of-the-art skills in adventure.

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