Workshops Outline

Why a workshop?

Are you getting hung up on your POE – the Portfolio of Evidence needed to prove your potential or abilities as an adventure guide? Not sure how to proceed to fulfill the requirements of GASG? Come and get on top of it all.

Our GASG workshops prepare you to become a qualified professional guide holding the CATHSSETA legal certificate.

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Workshops usually last two to three days. It’s a classroom situation with the instructor leading you through the checklist of items to be completed. There are 29 points of evidence required, of which several overlap and some are merely certificates or photos that you already have.

It’s not all classroom work as we venture outdoors to show what happens in field assessments. There may also be actual assessments everyone can attend to watch or play as clients.

What’s to do

The Adventure Trip Plan (ATP) is the biggest item and you may need guidance on how to get through it. It is a complete outline – from marketing and costs to dangers and safety measures – for a guided outdoor experience. Other documents also pose problems – how detailed should they be? who do you approach for testimonials? how do you compile an environmental assessment or a risk assessment?

A workshop shows you how. Our instruction and templates make it clear and simple.


We work from templates that show how each item should be put together. Just adapt the templates to show your own content.

Each candidate for GASG comes with their own background experience. What you’ve done in the adventure field is what you have to present in the assessment.  So it’s a matter of collecting the information that proves your experience and shows that you are capable of guiding adventures.

You can work as a team, sharing the task of compiling items like the ATP and risk assessments. Team members can then declare that they took part in effort that reflects their own work.

Four modules

You can enrol for GASG at the workshop if not already on our books. You don’t have to be a working guide. We will go over what you know and what you’ve done, and tailor your workshop tasks to your level of experience.


Your way of tackling the details of an operation. You as a guide have to draw up the logistics and routines that will ensure a safe, enjoyable, profitable and eco-friendly tourism offering. We take you through the complete planning process.


Your record as a guide, even if you have had little actual experience so far. You are shown what testimonials you need from those you’ve led or helped on adventures. You also learn how to apply the seven principles of minimum impact on nature, and exercise your duty of care to keep everyone out of harm’s way.

Safety & emergencies

If you’ve ever been at an accident scene in the mountains or any other remote location you’ll know how stressful, confusing and difficult it is to deal with. Even if you haven’t, you must learn to anticipate accidents and be prepared to act with confidence. We do it in theory and with simulated examples during the workshop.


Many forms of adventure tourism involve camping, but also hygienic catering, waste management and clearing up when leaving. The routines of camping (or even staying in accommodation) require the attention of the guide. We go over what’s needed so people are happy and act responsibly.


Several pieces of paper must be submitted to prove that you have mastered the activities and passed necessary tests – from first aid to the technical skills of your speciality, from abseiling to ziplining, hiking to rafting. Each speciality requires that you qualify, but once you hold one GASG certificate the rest arte much quicker to do – you don’t have to repeat most of the evidence.  We explain how this all works.


You probably won’t complete all the documentation at the workshop but you will leave knowing exactly what remains to be done. For many GASG candidates the task of compiling all the documentation seems overwhelming. It actually isn’t and can be put together step by step quite easily if you know and understand what’s expected.

If you want to join a workshop go here for current details.

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