Creating strong teams is an important part of all training for the outdoors. Because AsAfrica specialises in transforming people through challenges, teambuilding is a natural part of our work.

We also offer teambuilding activities commercially, outside of adventure guide training per se. Members of the public can commission teambuilding events in the form of many different exciting activities, ranging from archery to rafting, paintball to quad biking. We use facilities in various parts of the country for these events.

What is “Challenge by Choice”?

This is where a person decides to do something beyond their comfort zone in order to realise their own potential and grow their confidence and competence. It is a vital part of group learning because as individuals strive to better themselves so they must rely on others to help them.

Learning occurs through the person’s own decision to do something a bit beyond and above their normal behaviour. They are in control of their own actions and do not choose the activity because they feel under pressure to do so.


What’s in an activity? It may seem a bit too much to claim that solving a problem like walking blindfold through a “minefield” (actually just a field with plastic domes for mines) builds character. You step hesitatingly forward while friends call out which way to go. It’s all about trust. At the end your sense of relief is almost overwhelming. It seemed so real. Does it make you a better person? Well, yes. Do enough  of these activities and you realise, in practice, how we depend on each other to live our lives successfully.

Risk and reward

The activities may be very easy or may involve some element of risk. Whatever the person chooses to do, it is because they want to do it and they seek the satisfaction of knowing they faced the challenge and managed to overcome it. In group games this is a lot of fun as participants urge each other on.

Groups also quickly understand that where some people are physically strong or co-ordinated, others are not. The heartening thing about the process that then occurs is that the stronger usually help the weaker. This builds trust and forms the loose-knit group into a true team.


The word recreation can actually mean re-creation of the human spirit of enterprise and innovation through shared activities. A facilitator helps this process to happen. We need our spirits and strength refreshed after the dull and tiring round of daily activities at work, at home, at the club. We become habituated to routines and suffer that feeling of being unfulfilled.  Recreation fills that need to discover ourselves, our family, our friends and our workmates, anew.

Our facilitators know how to let go of instructing and rather serve the participants. The activities take confront you with your own fears and wrong assumptions, teaching that change is test that you wish to pass. Facilitators assist you in both making a choicem, acting it out, and reflecting on it afterwards.

Join up

Don’t take our word for it – join a teambuild exploration, consisting of games, adventure trails and problem solving. You’ll be amazed at what you find within yourself and how others, maybe strangers, suddenly become best friends.