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Setting up township tours

Parys sangomas dressed in their finery

Some years ago I ran a township tour for half a dozen Sudanese journalists visiting Parys. We went to Tumahole and the visitors had their fortunes told by Sangomas throwing the bones and going into trances. After the throwing of the bones there was a throwing of dollars into the same pile.

That was a once-off tour. It’s only when you set out to start a new township tourism business that you realise how much needs to be done – and how many skills, and connections, are involved.

I’m currently helping a guide, Shadrach Qwele, to get his accreditation as an NQF-qualifed tour guide for Tumahole. He has years of experience guiding with me in the Vredefort Dome and on the Vaal & Orange rivers. He has already developed the township tour and proved that he has all the people skills, the business sense and the enthusiasm needed to make a lasting success of things.

Things are happening on the local scene with the founding of a new tourism association and promotions planned for Heritage Day in September. So it’s a good time to get going. Continue reading Setting up township tours

Qualify as an adventure guide

Adventure-Guide-Qualification-Logo-flatDO IT OR YOU ARE ILLEGAL! At last South Afriadventure guide and clientca has a Generic Adventure Site Guide qualification. This is a national qualification at Level 4 on the NQF system. Details here. It includes generic Unit Standards and allows you to qualify with outdoor specialities that you select for yourself. The Adventure Qualifications Network (AQN) has set it all up after years of working on a programme to cover all key adventure guiding skills from campcraft to risk management. If you already have experience you can fast-track into the system. And you can do it online. It isn’t a cake-walk: you have to prove your competence and there’s paperwork. Want to know more? Click the red FEEDBACK strip at left or ask us for advice.