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The Generic Adventure Site Guiding (GASG) skills programme is now onstream. The 2nd Tourism Amendment Act requires all guides to register with the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism after having completed a SAQA registered Skills Program. Till now there have been many activity disciplines that have not had standards registered for them so preventing guides from completing this requirement. However this has all changed.

Get Qualified – Get Registered – Get Legal

This skills program is suitable for use for registration as a guide with DEAT, so now there is no excuse for adventure guides not to get qualified and registered.

There are many different ways in which you can access this program:

  • Facilitated Provision with an AQN Facilitator – contact the facilitator of your choice re this method. Details Here
  • Facilitated Recognition of Prior Learning – An Assessor comes to your workplace and leads you through the RPL process. Contact the Assessor of your choice re this method. Details Here

For full details go to: www.adventure-qualifications.com

The Wild Professionals

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