Quick Overview

The skills programme we run leads to the Generic Adventure Site Guide (GASG) qualification. It follows a steady progression. The first certificate below is what you get at the end of the process when you are finally assessed as “Competent”.

If you want to do a full course to prepare for assessment, we offer courses. You don’t need to do a course if you are already experienced. We qualify people by Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). If you need a refresher in your skill in order to pass technical assessment, we can arrange that. Assessment for the qualification covers fieldwork and paperwork.

Cathsseta certificate

To qualify as a professional adventure guide you must achieve the following. It takes dedication and work.  There are no short cuts. The qualification is endorsed by Cathsseta, the official government education and training authority for tourism. You’re legal only if you hold their certificate, and can be prosecuted otherwise.

Steps towards qualifying

Technical skill certificate – in order to guide, say, hiking or rafting (or dozens of other activities), you first need to prove your competence in that skill. You are assessed in the field and must write a written test. This certificate shows you are competent in the skill. You may assist a fully qualified guide but the certificate is not a guiding licence.

Wilderness First Aid Level 3 – If you lead people in the outdoors you must be trained as a first responder to injuries and accidents. Attend the first aid course. The course lasts 5 days and covers all body systems as well as casualty evacuation and triage at accident scenes. We run the first aid three or four times a year.

Logbook – You must prove your experience by keeping a logbook covering your trips or events with people. We provide a logbook. The logbook determines your “scope” as a guide. Whatever trails or sites you know well form the limits of where you can lead groups. As time goes on and as you gain experience, your scope can be widened.

Portfolio of evidence – Apart from the logbook, you need documents proving your ability to plan and run adventures, your environmental and safety awareness, and (in some cases) camping skills. We show you how to compile this portfolio. It consists of various plans, reports, testimonials and forms that you need to gather.

Tourism know-how. Knowledge of the country, its peoples and geography, and tourism attractions, is vital. We test you with quizzes based on learner notes. An assessment is conducted of your leadership, communication and organisatioal abilities.  Here you show how confidently you lead tourists and deal with problems, in the context of your activity.

Badge and card

Once you have received your Cathsseta certificate you apply to the Registrar of Tourist Guides for identifying insignia. You may be asked at any time while guiding a group to show your credentials.

See the Ladder of the Qualification here.