Doring Trip 2021

This is a special page for those interested in doing the 5-day Doring River guides expedition in August 2021. Although it is designed for guides (both newcomers and those with experience) we will accept friends and partners. You may come as a trainee, for a refresher, or for assessment (if you are ready for that). Anyone 14-65 may attend, male or female.

Here are the basics:

  • It’s cold some of the time. You need a wetsuit and winter gear.
  • We wait for a big cold front to hit the Cape and then call it.
  • The trip is most likely to happen in the second half of August.
  • Rapids are class 3-4 at normal times but bigger in flood.
  • Fee – see explanation below.
  • Add the cost of group catering to be shared by all.
  • The cost of the shuttles will be shared equally.
  • Get yourself to the base camp 30km outside Clanwilliam.
  • You must put your name down if you’re interested.
  • When we call the trip you’ve got to pay the fee up front.

Course content

What’s taught prepares you for the practical skills certificate. You need that if you intend to qualify as legal adventure guide. You also get 6 days towards your logbook of trips (21 days needed for entry level guiding). The one extra day logged is for your preparation based on our briefing which is sent when you book.

Take a look at the curriculum here. 

Take a look at the process of qualifying here.


To organise this trip and get the boats and expedition equipment to the Cape is costly. There is a flat fee of R1500 per person to join the trip. This covers boat & kit hire, on river repairs, wear and tear, transport, insurances and admin fee.

The fee covers one night at the base camp where there is comfortable bunkhouse accommodation and a sheltered braai. It also covers kit hire and my expertise in knowing the river, leading the trip, and mentoring guides.

Shuttles & Meals costs

From Run the Rivers of South Africa by Celliers Kruger

We will employ probably 2 drivers to take our vehicles to the put-in and collect us from the take-out, with the cost shared. If the drivers charge R500 each per trip (it’s a long way) that’s a total of R2000. Divide by 10 is R200 each.

The food will be bought as a group thing before the trip, once we know our numbers, and the cost shared. If we can manage R125 per head per day that’s R625 each. Bring your own braai and breakfast for the first night and morning. Bring your snacks, fizzy drinks and booze.

So for less than half the R5500 price of what normal commercial clients pay for a Doring 5-day, you get the whole package – kit, coaching and arrangements. There will never be a cheaper training trip. There is no discount if you use your own kit because we still have to get the expedition equipment to the venue and still provide the leadership.

Watch the videos: