The world is open to adventure tour guides. Adventure today spans hundreds of disciplines –  literally from abseiling to ziplining – with everything in-between. Adventure has been growing at the incredible rate of 65% yearly, yielding enormous economic opportunities for all professionals.

There is hiking, rock climbing, rafting, canoeing and tubing, mountain biking, abseiling, 4×4 driving,archery, horse riding, flyfishing – you name it, people are doing it. And everywhere the basic requirements for guided activities are the same: look after your people and nature.

Keep safe

Go properly prepared and equipped. Learn to handle others in the outdoors, avoiding reckless behaviour and leading by example.

Duty of care

Treat clients with respect and keep them safe. Deal with the psychological and physiological needs of those who tackle the extremes and hope to survive.

Master the skills

Don’t chance it, get the skills and activate your spirit to face the unexpected. Activities are different, so you need a range of skills sets to be a working professional.

Minimum impact

The environment can’t take much more human interference. A vital part of adventure guiding is educating participants, and showing we mean it.

Challenge by choice

Adventure is “Challenge by Choice”. It can never be guaranteed 100% safe. But if you do things right you can minimise the chances of accidents and maximise thrills and enjoyment. Instill a deep love of nature from direct contact with the elements.

South Africa

South Africa is a wonderful adventure playground and we welcome all comers to learn from our seasoned trainers and mentors. Those who emerge from this country are in demand worldwide due to our exposure to nature in the raw, which develops robust leaders with strong competencies.

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