People everywhere crave a career in the outdoors – but do you have what it takes to be professional, sensible, and strong enough physically, mentally and emotionally to do the job? Adventure demands everything you have, and a bit more!


Adventure Africa is packed with information about outdoor trail guiding, from rivers to mountains, from cycling to tubing. The March-April 2015 issue features a “seriously” funny article on what can go wrong on trips. Also: what to expect on training courses and assessments, how to log your trail time, and fast-developing innovations in adventure that pose problems of safety.

The role of AsAfrica

Adventure Standards Africa organises training and assessments of adventure guides. We are a service provider devoted to helping !ASAFRICA LOGO BLACK small 200outdoor professionals get on their feet and rise to their full potential. Our associates all have years of experience in major fields of adventure in natural environments. Ask for advice or approach us for contacts in the field to mentor, train and qualify you.

Throughout Africa, from the Cape to Kilimanjaro to the Nile, adventure tourism attracts many thousands of foreign and local visitors. To serve this growing industry, we organise courses and workshops, providing qualifications that are backed by South African legal standards. These carry weight where there are no regulatory controls in other countries.

Vast choice

There are literally scores of activities which one may be specialised

zorb ball     Zorbing involves rolling downhill inside an orb, generally made of transparent plastic. There are obvious safety issues which the adventure guide needs to manage.
Zorbing involves rolling downhill inside an orb, generally made of transparent plastic. There are obvious safety issues which the adventure guide needs to manage.

to guide from A to Z.  Some forms of adventure recreation are familiar to millions, like hiking, abseiling and rafting the world over. Others, like zorbing (picture) seem to appeal to the lunatic fringe but they involve similar elements of excitement, danger and personal challenge.  From bungee jumping to paragliding, tourists seem willing to try almost anything. The job of a guide is to ensure that they can do so relatively safely, although there will always be an element of risk.

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You can’t be an adventure guide without intimate knowledge of the activity that you lead. The foundation of guiding is qualification in your skills or skills – and you may practice several. Once you have the certificate of competence in a skill, along with logged time and first aid, you may proceed to the tourism aspects of adventure guiding.

 Guiding skills

assess discussion dean shads 2012
Training for adventure guiding demands paperwork and theory.

Qualifications thus involve activity + tourism. The latter requires skills in communication, organising, planning, logistics, catering, camping, environmental care, risk assessment and more. So to qualify you need to make the transition from being a passionate personal adventurer to becoming a leader in the outdoors. Paying clients may be very keen but have limited know-how.

We are affiliated to the Adventure Qualifications Network (AQN), through which we arrange training and assessments for guides in the adventure tourism fieAQN New_Logold. AQN is the only accredited adventure training provider recognised by CATHSSETA (the South African tourism and hospitality sector education and training authority).

AQN administers the Generic Adventure Site Guide Skills (GASG) programme, a national qualification allowing qualified guides to work at any site in the country requiring their skills. You may be scoped from entry level through to advanced, leading trails and activities within your competence.

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AsAfrica facilitates training and assessments. Adventures on earth, in the air, on water attract a certain kind of person seeking the freedom of the outdoors. If you have the passion for it, that’s the foundation for an adventure career.

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Candidate guides agree to make use of our services on their own responsibility. We accept no responsibility or liability for any failure, misadventure, loss, accdent, injury, death or negligence howsoever arising.

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