Youth adventure events


If you want to escape the city, build character, show leadership, and perhaps consider a career in the outdoors, join an AsAfrica adventure camp.

In 2016 we are beefing up our programme of adventure events for youngsters.

CONTACT US to discuss your interests. Schools and clubs often choose one-day events for a brief introduction to adventure. We hike, river raft, and give short talks and video presentations to explain the entry requiremets, risks and career options in adventure.

We offer weekend primers at our on the Vaal where there is a campsite, training room, the river, mountains and open veld. Come along to experience adventure at first hand and find out more about further training.


Longer camps and expeditions are held at regular intervals during holiday periods. For example, you can join an Orange River 5-day paddling trip and learn many of the skills of the outdoors as we go. Our tough and experienced guides mentor youngsters in the techniques of exploration and survival.

assess discussion dean shads 2012We have linked up with The Riverman to provide an exciting and informative program of youth adventure camps and mentoring expeditions. Our curriculum is used and Riverman provides the facilities. Skills covered include rafting, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing and campcraft as well as catering. That’s not all. The youngsters are introduced to legal requirements and professional ethics, and it is explained where they can go for post-school training. It’s often a good idea to use the “gap year” to get practical field adventure experience as a foundation for formal qualifications later.


Youngsters often dream of being adventurers for life. What are the requirements and how does one get into the field in the first place?  The key is to do it. Join a local hiking or canoeing club, go camping with friends, plan anAdventureLogo-300x137 exploration in the holidays, get a mountain bike and try trail riding. Develop personal know-how. Make connections. Learn to read maps using a compass and GPS. Keep a logbook. Do an advanced first aid course. Learn to tie knots. Read some of the great books. Write up adventures for the media. Subscribe to magazines and websites that report exciting trips and ultra races. Whatever your interest, get involved and start building up what matters most – experience!


ASAFRICA river proficiency certificate SAMPLEThose who attend our courses and expeditions, and who complete the activities, receive a Certificate of Performance. This covers what was done, who did the training, and the level of challenge involved.

We will quote for schools and youth clubs too. Keep in mind that we are not just running holiday camps: our intention is to induct young adventurers into life in the outdoors.

  • Email or call 0842452490 for more.