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Adventure Standards Africa is a service provider that offers career advice to guides, training, assessments and certifications towards recognised legal qualifications in adventure tourism in South Africa. We also advise and train tour operators to become legally compliant, efficient and profitable.

It is illegal to work as an unqualified guide, and both you and your employer can be prosecuted. You must qualify and we get you through the process.

Quite apart from that, insurers will not cover an unlicensed guide when an accident occurs. And your duty of care as a tourist guide means you should know the state-of-the-art skills in adventure.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions about guiding qualifications  here.

For a quick overview of what you need to qualify, go here.

Challenge by Choice

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Challenge yourself! Qualify so that you can empower others to take part  in the outdoor experience. It takes leadership, guts, skill and common sense. Find out how to get there… From here.

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We have a full programme of training courses and assessments. You cannot work legally in South Africa as an adventure tour guide without the Cathsseta certificate and registration with a badge and card.

Go here for our current programme.

Training trips:  Doring River, Orange River

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